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Lost Time Incidents
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Benchmarking Safety
In the offshore industry the main marker for safety is the 'Lost Time Incident'. a measure of the number of days since the last incident.

As you can see many of the installations Trinity operate on have a remarkable track-record of safety; not an easy thing in a demanding industry with constant time pressures in extreme environments.

At Trininty International Services Ltd. we take safety very seriously.

For the period 28-May-2002 to 22-Mar-2018
  TypeOrder Incidents by Installation   InstallationOrder Incidents by Installation Last IncidentOrder Incidents by Last Incident Date 
 Accomodation Unit
   Edda Fides 2547 Days  
   Aoka Mize 2637 Days  
   Haewene Brim 4524 Days  
   Stena Don 5777 Days  
   Stena Spey 4504 Days  
   Stena Carron 3516 Days