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Quality Assured Service

Let us look after you whilst you look after the energy needs of the future.

Your staff may be working in some of the harshest and demanding environments in the world. We can help improve quality of life by providing exceptional services, including fresh, wholesome food and spotlessly clean living quarters whilst delivering on our commitment to cost, quality, value and customer care.

Our Quality Assurance system is about measuring our performance, in every aspect of what we do. To do this, we use of a number of tools including Key Performance Indicators, Standard Operating Procedures and Review and Feedback mechanisms to provide real time management information which allows us to gauge progress and drive continuous improvement. Trinity was the first offshore and remote site catering and hotel services contractor to achieve ISO accreditation for its Quality Assurance System and it remains pivotal to our control system for delivering consistently high levels of service.

Trinity will ensure that its services do not just look appealing on paper, but that your staff and clients will experience the difference.

"Trinity is committed to providing a guaranteed high quality service on time every time and without defect or omission"
To download a pdf version of our Quality Assurance, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Policys please click here

Source: Trinity Quality , Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Policy Issue 5, 2012
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