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Trinity International Services Ltd.
Industry Acronyms
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Oil Industry Mutual Hold Harmless Agreement

Industry Acronyms
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There are 252 Industry Acronyms in the database : 14 begining with B.
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1 B/D Barrels of Oil Produced per Day
2 BAR Builders' All Risk
3 bbl One Barrel of Oil
4 bcf Billion cubic feet (equiv. 0.83 million tonnes of oil)
5 BDR Bloody Day Rater
6 BOE/BOEPD Barrel of Oil Equivalent / Per Day
7 BOP Blow-out Preventer
8 BOSIET Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training
9 BPD Barrels Per Day
10 BPS Bits Per Second
11 BRINDEX Association of British Independent Oil Exploration Companies
12 BROA British Rig Owners' Association
13 BTI British Trade International
14 BUL Business Unit Leader