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Trinity International Services Ltd.
Industry Acronyms
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Oil Industry Mutual Hold Harmless Agreement

Industry Acronyms
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There are 252 Industry Acronyms in the database : 16 begining with C.
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1 CAA Civil Aviation Authority
2 CAPEX Capital Expenditure
3 CE Clean Earth
4 CEPMLP Centre for Energy, Petroleum, and Mineral Law and Policy
5 CER Central Equipment Room
6 CISLF Cross Industry Leadership Forum (UK)
7 CLASP Central Logistics Association for Supply Chain Partnerships Network
8 CMPT Centre for Marine & Petroleum Technology
9 CNS Central North Sea
10 COGS Careers in the Oil and Gas Sector Association
11 COSHH Control Of Substances Harardous to Health
12 COTA Caterers' Offshore Trade Association
13 CRINE Cost Reduction Initiative for the New Era
14 CRO Control Room Operator
15 CVC Central Vacuum Cleaning System (wet type)
16 CWG Competitiveness Work Group