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Trinity International Services Ltd.
Industry Acronyms
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Oil Industry Mutual Hold Harmless Agreement

Industry Acronyms
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There are 252 Industry Acronyms in the database : 22 begining with O. Showing records 1 to 20
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1 O Oil
2 O&G Oil and Gas
3 OCA Offshore Contractors' Association
4 OCA Offshore Contractors' Association  More Information รจ
5 OCTG Oil Country Tubular Goods
6 ODE Offshore Deseign Engineering
7 OG Oil & Gas Directorate of the DTI
8 OGITF Oil & Gas Industry Task Force
9 OGP International Association of Oil & Gas Producers
10 OGSP Official Government Selling Price
11 OIAC Oil Industry Advisory Committee
12 OIAC Oil Industry Advisory Committee
13 OIAC Oil Industry Advisory Committee
14 OIAC Offshore Industry Advisory Committee
15 OIAC Oil Industry Accounting Committee
16 OILC Offshore Industry Liaison Committee
17 OIM Offshore Installation Manager
18 OLF Oljeindustriens Landsforening (Norwegian Oil Industry Association)
19 OLF Norwegian Oil Operators' Association
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