Trinity International Services Ltd.
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Trinity International Services Ltd.
Industry Acronyms
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Oil Industry Mutual Hold Harmless Agreement

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1 T3 Trinity International Services Ltd.
2 TAC Technology Advosory Committee
3 tcf Trillion cubic feet of gas
4 TER Telecom Equipment Room
5 TF2 Interim title for the successor group to the OGITF
6 TGWU Transport & General Workers Union
7 TLQ Temporary Living Quarters
8 TOWS Thermal Over the Side Working Suit
9 TQM Total Quality Management
10 TR Temporary Refuge
11 TRA Tax Risk Assessment
12 TRA Task Risk Assessment
13 TROIF Total Recordable Offshore Illness Frequency
14 TROIF Total Recordable Offshore Illness Frequency
15 TUPE Transfer of Undertakings & Protection of Employment Regulations