Trinity International Services enjoys steady performance

LEADING international asset specification, hotelkeeping and catering provider Trinity International Services continues to operate across the global energy marketplace, as it marks its 28th year in business.

Trinity, founded in 1990, delivers support to organisations in the oil and gas and renewables industries in the UK, continental Europe, the Middle East and Australasia.

With extensive experience of the offshore installation, vessel and remote site marketplaces, Trinity International Services brings industry best-practice in engineering and design services to the construction of new and upgrade of existing installations.

The company, headquartered in Aberdeen has an international employee base of more than 140 people and is in the process of expanding its digital footprint with the launch of a new website.

Trinity has support offices in Norway and Singapore, and affiliate business activities in France, Brazil (Rio), Canada (Newfoundland), the US (Houston), Nigeria (Port Harcourt), Angola, and Vietnam.

It has invested in the development of upgraded systems designed to further improve its operational efficiency.

Stuart MacBride, chairman of Trinity International Services, says: “We have been through a long hard winter in terms of the service sector of the offshore industry and, at long last, we are seeing signs of spring.

“The industry is waking up from the hibernation of survival and is looking to the future positively, with new prospects in the UKCS – proving there is life left in an already mature basin – and in international waters where new developments in E&P and renewables offer growth opportunities.”

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