Our Services

Actively promoting the wellbeing of your people is our mission.

Every platform, rig and vessel is different – ensuring your team are able to work effectively and efficiently is crucial top the success of their work aboard your installations.

The location, the installation itself, its crew and their nationality, plus the job they are all there to do is unique to every project

Whether on initial mobilisation, in-transit to site, on-location or going into a shipyard, your requirements will change.

This is where Trinity excels – we provide support tailored to the needs of your people and you, our client, wherever the installation or work site is.

Our core services are catering and hotel-keeping, focussed on the operation and management of galleys, stores and laundries; including the supply, management and preparation of fresh food; beverage vending machines; shop management (including the sale of bonded items); cleaning and facilities maintenance.

We utilise technology extensively in our work, reducing the volume of paperwork and form-filling required on an already busy team.

Trinity’s product range extends to FEED consultancy, creating vessel and installation specification and design; personnel management; procurement and supply; and medical services.

Facilities design and specification: Engineering & Design Solutions Limited(“EDS”) provides a specialist catering, laundry and recreation area design service for new-builds or retrofits. In addition the company can arrange for the maintenance and replacement of all key offshore equipment.

Core crew: Our worldwide pool of camp bosses, chef managers, patissiers, chefs, chef assistants; and stewards deliver our frontline services at work sites on shore and offshore.

Fresh produce: Only the very best ingredients – fresh, Grade I, and locally sourced wherever we are in the world, so long as the meet our quality standards. The specialist logistics needed to transport goods is handled through a specialist organisation which operates woldwide.

Medical Support: International Medical Management Inc. Limited (“IMM”), a worldwide medical services company supplying occupational health services onshore; offshore medical support, travel medicine; and consultancy, shares our Aberdeen headquarters.